Clarendon Marathon

The Clarendon Marathon, Half Marathon and 5 mile Clarendon mini 2019


Sussex Sport Photography as the events official photographers use Pic2Go technology to bring you free race photos!

The gallery link to the photos is shared directly to you using Facebook – and then you can share that with your friends (or not!)  and the event photos are posted to your pic2go gallery as fast as possible, during the event.

Sign-up is quick and simple, just follow the instructions below:

Don’t forget to have your online charity donation link ready to add it to your pic2go gallery when you sign up – and drive more donations !

  1. Enter your race number into the box below, agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and click ‘continue’
  2. Follow the instructions – giving permissions as requested so that Pic2Go can post the link to your gallery – and set the share to friends, public or private. You can select private so only you see the images first and then you can edit your post later so others can see it.
  3. If you are registering before the race – the system will register you and then tell you that there are no images available at the moment – but as soon as they are you will receive and email to say so

If you can’t access the images through facebook, there will be a free download gallery and high resolution and print purchase facility available here some days after the race. Only images taken by SussexSportPhotography photographers will be available via that gallery.

(PS if you do this on your phone – please do not use emojii’s in the sponsorship text!)