How to use Pic2go and FAQ


I’m participating in an event that uses Pic2Go. What is it and how does it work?

Pic2Go is a photo sharing system for events. We add barcodes to bibs that our system can read to catalogue your images with your race number. All you need to do is register for Pic2Go to access your own personal RunPage gallery containing all the images in which your barcode was spotted.


I want to receive my free images. How do I sign up?

You can go to our registration page and register using your race number in the correct signup box for your event – https://pic2go.co.uk/register . Remember, you do not need to include leading zeros when registering your race number with Pic2Go.


I didn’t register before the event. Can I still get my photos?

Yes! You can still register for images via Pic2Go after the event. You can find the signup box here: https://pic2go.co.uk/register



Bib placement

  • For best results – Wear your bib front and centre of your vest/top. We need to be able to clearly see your race bib number and pic2go barcodes.
  • For poor results – wear your number where it can’t be seen fully – typical poor examples include on your back, leg (most legs are not big enough for a number to be seen from both sides from the front), on a backpack, on a top that has been removed and tied around your waist.
    If the cameras can’t see the barcode clearly in the photos it won’t be catalogued, and if we can’t read the number we won’t be able to complete any manual corrections for you.


  • If using pins to secure your bib, please do not stick them through the barcodes as this will prevent them from reading correctly. Even small safety pins will cause issues as they change the pattern of a barcode..


  • Do not fold your bib so that the barcodes are hidden because we need to be able to see them – otherwise the system will not be able to pick them up and you will not see the photos in your RunPage gallery.


  • Make sure any jackets, rucksacks, race belts, belt-packs, jumpers etc. are not covering your bib as they can obscure the number and/or barcodes. If you put your number higher up away from your waist – this usually gets the number out of the way of belts etc



Registration – number to use

  • Use your race number with no spaces in the registration box
  • There is no need to use a leading zero from your race number when registering for Pic2Go. For example, if your bib number is 0100, register using number 100.
    The same goes for wave letters ie A876 should use 876 when registering.


  • Avoid using emojis in any text that you add to your gallery, specifically if you link to a fundraising page, as this will cause an error when accessing your photos.


  • Your Pic2Go signup is linked to Facebook so ensure you have access to the email address associated with your Facebook account.



Problem solving


I’m trying to register for Pic2Go and its directing me via Facebook. Why is this?

If you sign up to Pic2Go, you will receive your own personal RunPage gallery containing your photos which is accessed via Facebook.


I don’t have Facebook. How can I access my images?

  1. Facebook is free. If you don’t want a permanent account, you could create a private account to register for Pic2Go with, download your photos from the RunPage gallery once they are there, and then delete the Facebook account.
  2. You could ask a trusted friend or relative to register for Pic2Go using their account. They could then download your images on your behalf and send them to you.
  3. We will create a back up gallery for the event where you can purchase images.


I have Facebook but don’t want to share my images publicly. What should I do?

As with all posts on Facebook, you can control who sees them. You can select “Only Me” before you hit the Share button if you don’t want other people to see them. You can change this at any time.


I might not like all of the photos taken of me. Can I preview them before sharing them on Facebook?

Yes! (see above to select “only me” on the post privacy, edit the gallery in RunPage and then change the facebook post privacy)


I’m concerned about Facebook storing my photos. Is it safe?

Your images are hosted on Pic2Go servers, NOT on Facebook. Facebook is used as a means for you to share and get the link to the images in your gallery, not store them.


I have registered for my photos via Pic2Go. How soon will I have access to them?

If you registered before the event, some images may available by the time you finish the event provided the cameras could see your barcode. Depending on the size of the event you may continue to receive images throughout the day as we continue processing. If you registered after the event, you should have images available straight away.


I have received an email saying my photos are ready but there are no photos attached. Why is this?

Your photos will not be attached to any emails you receive from Pic2Go as they are too big. The email is to notify you that the images are ready on your personal RunPage gallery.


I registered with Pic2Go but I’m seeing something called RunPage. What is this?

Pic2Go is the system that hosts and processes the images from an event. RunPage is the name of the gallery that displays your personal images that you can share with your friends.


I have some photos on my RunPage gallery but I’m expecting more. When will I get these?

We begin processing images during the event. The time it takes to complete depends on the internet speed we have access to on site and the number of photos taken. We also spend some time over the following few days manually checking images so you may find a few more are added.


I don’t have all the photos I was expecting to see. Can I search through all of your images myself to find more?

No, we are unable to provide you with access to all our images. Besides, we often take hundreds of thousands of images, it would be a near impossible task.


I stopped to have a photo taken but I can’t see it on my RunPage gallery. Why is this?

We will usually work with Sussex Sport Photography to provide photographs to cover the event however the organisers may also have their own photographers taking PR photos. It may be that the photographer who snapped you was not working with us. Our photographers should be in yellow and orange high-visibility jackets with Pic2Go UK or Sussex Sport Photography branding.


The organiser has photos of me online that are not in my gallery. Why is this?

This is likely to be because the organiser had their own PR photographers at the event that are not linked to or adding their images to Pic2Go UK.


I am in a photo with my friend who has been tagged but I haven’t. How can I be tagged?

You can email us at info@pic2go.co.uk with your race number and your friend’s race number. We can then locate their images and add your race number to them so you have access. Alternatively you could ask your friend to download them share them with you.


Some of the photos on my gallery aren’t of me. Why is this?

The Pic2Go system scans the images for Pic2Go barcodes and catalogues images based on the race numbers associated with the barcodes. Sometimes the system might spot your barcode in the background of an image even if most of your body is not visible. In other cases there may be something else in the image that the system thinks is your barcode such as a logo or the pattern your laces make against your trainer. You can edit the images shown in your runpage gallery accordingly.


None of the photos on my gallery are of me. Why is this?

There are two likely causes. The first is that there was a typo when you added your bib number to the signup box for the event. The second is that you have entered your correct bib number into the signup box for the wrong event. You can repeat the signup process to access your images.

If in doubt – double-check the bib number you wore from the event – in case that was different and check the number under the barcode – these should all match.


I’ve received a message saying “an error occurred (#1), please try again later”. What should I do?

This usually appears if you did not provide an email address during signup, or opted not to receive email notifications. To resolve this, simply go through the signup process again ensuring you provide an email address an allow email notifications.


I am trying to view my photos but the page seems to be continuously loading. What is wrong?

This usually happens if you included emojis in the text you added for the link to your fundraising page. To resolve this, simply go through the signup process again but do not include emojis in your text.


I have access to view my photos on the RunPage gallery. How do I download them?

PC/Laptop: Click on an image to enlarge it. You should then see “Download Now” appear below the image. Clicking this will open a window asking where you would like to save it to on your device. Select where you would like to save it to then click Save to download it.


Smartphone: Tap and hold the image on screen until your options appear to be able to save it, and then select Save Image. Tapping an image to enlarge it first is optional.


I want my photos in other formats. Is this possible?

Yes, we usually have a purchase gallery available where you can order digital copies at a higher resolution as well as prints and mugs. You can locate the gallery here: https://gallery.sussexsportphotography.com/gallery-list .


I want to get in touch with you about missing photos. What information do you need?

If you think there are photos of you that are still missing from your gallery a couple of days after the event, please email us at info@pic2go.co.uk with information that may help us track you down. Useful information includes your bib number the event you took part in, your start/finish time, the race number of someone you were with, details of your race attire such as trainer colour, pattern on your leggings or other distinctive features – beard, pigtails, fairy wings, backpack, waterpack etc.


I have another question that needs adding to this FAQ help page

Please email us on info@pic2go.co.uk with as much useful information and explain what’s going on and we will try our best to help – a phone number is always useful too as a quick chat can resolve many things.