About Pic2Go UK

As the exclusive licensees and resellers of the globally used Pic2Go technology in the UK, Pic2Go UK is bringing instant social media sharing of Event Photos to races and events near you.

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Patented Technology: Using the unique 2D barcodes on race numbers Pic2Go technology enables runners and competitors to be identified quickly and efficiently in event photos. It then sends the right photos to the right competitors personal online social media photo album – sharing their experiences almost instantly with their friends and relatives. Unlike Automated number reading (OCR) it doesn’t provide false positives – so you know the images are catalogued correctly.

Massive Brand Awareness: Working closely with Event organisers, Sponsors and Charities the Pic2Go technology helps get event and sponsor messages and brands shared quickly and effectively with event participants and their wider social circles – something that can’t be done by other methods.

The results are happy competitors, great communications, and massive social media impact !

Robust and proven: In the past 12 months, Pic2Go barcodes have been used to catalogue over 1 Million images in UK races – and over five different companies are now licensed to print the Pic2Go barcodes to the necessary specification in the UK so we have a sound support infrastructure.

Measurable and Real: Using Facebook Open Graph actual real pageviews, likes, and comments statistics can all be tracked from the images posted for your participants – ensuring measurable returns for your investment. Gone are the days of estimates and marketing guesswork.

shrewsbury-half-v3-bibUsed internationally at major marathons, half marathons, sportive cycling, endurance and other race events Pic2Go technology is proven, mature and reliable technology for your events social media presence, and has been endorsed by well renowned international sponsors like Vodafone, Orange, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Gillette and Adidas – to name a few !

Compared to other social media marketing it is significantly more cost effective – Consider the cost of a Facebook Advert or post “boost”. £4 for “up to 1600” views is a common Facebook offer. Those would be not particularly interested views, of a post-preview (ie curtailed and small) shown to a not very engaged audience. Find out how much it would cost for a full page, branded personal image, going to directly interested individuals who already have an emotional engagement with the content of the image and get millions of relevant brand impressions.

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If you’re drowning in the mud of Social Media Marketing – Pic2Go could be just the solution you’re looking for !

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To find out more about the Global Pic2go technology go to pic2go.com and read the recent case studies and brand successes, as well as the new features and personalisation possible !

For more information about Pic2Go technology and what it can do for your Charity, Brand, or Event – contact us here at Pic2Go Uk Ltd for a chat and discussion about how we can help your brand reach millions of people instantly !

Email: info@pic2go.co.uk

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